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Martes, 16 Julio 2019 12:31

Mining Alert No. 9- ARCOM Resolutions Destacado

On Friday, July 12th, 2019, the Mining Regulatory and Control Agency (hereinafter “ARCOM”) published in the Official Register No. 529, three resolutions. The first one (No.004-001-2019-Dm-ARCOM), issued the partial reform to the Organic Statute of Organizational Management by Processes, the second one (No. ARCOM-ARCOM-2019-0013-RES), issued regulation for transport of mineral resources and the third one (No. ARCOM-ARCOM-2019-0014-RES), issued the instruction for the handling, administration and replacement of petty cash funds.


Reform of the organic status of organizational management by processes:

Reform to that statute, issued by resolution No. 003-INS-DIR-ARCOM-2016 of 31 March 2016, amends, eliminates and replaces the following provisions:

  1. a) In chapter III, article 10, numeral Monitoring, Control and Mining Technical Cadastre, the products and services contained in sub numeral 4 are replaced. Mining cadastre, for:
  2. Eleven cadastral reports.
  3. Databases.
  4. Proposal for improvements.
  5. Cadastral maps.
  6. Preferential duty report.
  7. Cadastral certifications.
  8. b) In chapter III, article 10, numeral 4.1. Regulation Management and Mining Control in "Internal Management" and "Products and Services", sub numeral 2 is modified. Internal Management of Monitoring, control, and mining technical cadaster, by:
  9. Internal Management of Monitoring and Mining Control.
  10. The "mining technical monitoring and control" subtitle is removed.
  11. In "products and services", sub numeral 2 incorporates 9 more products.
  12. The subtitle "Mining Technical Catastrophe" is removed with their respective products and services.

The reform will enter into force within 45 days from the date of approval. ARCOM's Executive Directorate will be in charge of implementing this reform.

Regulation for the transfer of mineral resources:

The regulation contains 7 articles including (i) the definition of "mineral resource", (ii) the requirements for the transfer of mineral resources, (iii) regulation for mining owners and operators in relation to the reporting of the detail of the transfer resources, (iv) provisions for ARCOM's regional coordinators, (v) establishes what to do in case of non-compliance with the resolution. The regulation also has five general provisions, one repeal and a final that states that it will take effect from your subscription.

The instruction for the handling, administration, and replacement of petty cash funds.

The instruction contains five chapters,

  1. a) General (objectives, scope, purpose)
  2. b) From the opening, administration and use of the small box fund.
  3. c) From the forms.
  4. d)
  5. e) Of the replacement solution.
In addition to these sections, the instruction contains three general provisions, a repeal ingests where it terminates resolution ARCOM-ARCOM-2019-004-RES of 01 February 2019, issued by the Executive Directorate and a final provision specifying that it will take effect upon subscription.
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